Monday, November 25, 2013

Staying Warm, and Busy

So this was a slowish week for us. We weren't able to teach much however, we did get to work with a lot of members! So it was a good week. Wednesday was a good day. We were able to split up to get a couple things done. Each of us had a member with us as our companion. My companion went to the temple with some one that he had taught and I went to do service with a family that was not active in the church. It was funny because I was with some other elders during this for a part, and then we all went to dinner with 2 other elders. It was a funny dinner. Probably the craziest one I have had in the mission.  Things have been going well So I am staying in Chubbuck for another transfer. Elder Thorpe and I will be together for only half a transfer and then I will be put with the other elders that cover the other half of our stake. The other elders have a car so that means I wont freeze the entire transfer. Yay! We are working hard to get a couple of people ready for baptism. I feel we will be able to get them ready. 

Things are just kinda same old. Nothing to big or exciting happened this week. OH wait I did get a pineapple this week. yummy. I am adding a picture of it in this email.

I love you so much hope you are doing well 
Jonathon Felton

PS. I hugged a horse  while we were walking down a street this last week.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Winter Wrap-Up" Part One

Transfers are coming and Elder Thorpe and I are staying together! (at least part of the transfer) Half way through this transfer Elder Thorpe will be going home. Darn him for getting to go home early. Anyway this means that I will be put with the other 2 missionaries that cover the other half of our stake. This will be fun serving with 2 other missionaries. It is going to be... interesting... to figure out how to coordinate all the wards and our two schedules. The other two that I will be serving with is Elder Clevenger and Elder Netasigm. They are so much fun we are excited to be put together. 

Other news this transfer is that this will be my last Zone conference. This means at the end they will have all the missionaries that are going home before the next one share their "departing" testimony, about our mission and what it has meant to us. I am not looking forward to this because 1. I don't have as many experiences in this mission and 2. It freaks me out thinking how close I am to the end. What I do know is that I will miss ALL the people I have met. I am so grateful that I have been able to have this experience. Enough of that...
So this Wednesday we are going with a person to the temple to get his endowments out. He has been really less active most of his life and missionaries have been helping him get back into the swing of things. We are excited to go with him and share that moment with him. I loved the Idaho Falls Temple. It is so beautiful. It was a blast to be able to add that to one of the temples that I have been able to go to.
Things are definitely getting colder as time goes on. We are staying warm by dropping by members homes and giving them spiritual thoughts. This gets us out of the cold and into a nice warm house. That is only when we have an appointment fall through or have a few minutes to spare. The member have been treating us really well. They have helped us a lot more in finding new people to teach. Other than that I think things are just about the same. We are walking around trying to teach as much as we can.
I know that this work is inspired and is a great work. I am so happy that thing are going well for all of you. I thank you all for your love, support, prayers, and letters. They have made the difference for me.
I love you all so much!
Love Elder Felton

Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Successes and Puppy Love

We have had a rather eventful week. Although we didn't teach much this week we were able to get some new investigators. The most promising one is Rick. He grew up catholic and has a basic understanding of Jesus Christ. After we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, he told us how he had met with missionaries before but he never felt they had answered his questions. He said that we had answered all his questions and that he felt what we had taught him was true. He later made a point to let us know that he would read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true for himself. 

Well I am having a hard time thinking today. We had a fun day filled with dodge-ball and basketball. Our activity we did as a zone was earlier today so that some of the zone could have enough time to get back. However, they didn't show up or tell us. Oh well what are you going to do.

Its time to get that fat puppy on a diet! lol It will be hard to not give here treats all the time when I get home. I am glad that she is healthy. I love playing with the dogs out here because I cant play with her. Good news about the move is that Gypsy doesn't dig anymore. No more worries about that lol.

Soooooo.... Were the sister missionaries cute? lol. I'm just kidding. It seem that every meal we have with someone that has a daughter out on a mission, or a granddaughter, they always seem to say "You would be perfect for my daughter/granddaughter." I think its so funny how that happens out here.

Well I'm not sure so much what to write about. My mind is a little scattered today. I am sending the memory card out this week along with some letters as well. 
I love you so much. I am sorry this email doesn't have much to it but I am hoping to be able to fill in more with some letters.

I love you as big as the ever expanding universe.
Jonathon Felton

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Shenanigans Were Had!

Ok, so we had a really good week. We had a member invite a nonmember to take a church tour. It was amazing! She had some really great questions and even offered the closing prayer at the end. The spirit was so strong. She told that she was looking for religion in her life. We will be following up to see how she is and if she would like to take lessons from missionaries. We have also found two new people to teach as well. This is great. My fear was that with winter coming that work would slow down. This has not happened  We are really seeing the members "Catch the Wave" of missionary work.
I have not met the Colliers yet. I am more in Tyhee than Chubbuck but I will ask the missionaries that are more in Chubbuck if they know them. 
Halloween was awesome! It was so much fun to watch cartoon movies with our whole zone. It was like watching movies with family. I guess that is because while on the mission that is about as close to having family as you get. We had snacks food and sports. It was a blast! I'm not sure about this Les Miserable business... I'm kidding. I have heard that it is really well done so 'Im down for it.
Well that's about it. I'm not sure what else to type. Oh! We had dinner with one of our office workers and the the wife said she was able to talk to you about your plans for me coming home. Well I love you more then words can say. I hope you all are doing well. This I know, The Lord know each one of us. He loves us. He wants us to be happy and if we let him in we will be happy.
Love,Jonathon Felton