Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Snow is FINALLY Leaving

Thank you for your help. I am kinda not surprised that you put off packing. I do that every time I get transferred   I am going to try and not do that this time because it gets harder and harder each move. I am so relieved that you are going to have help for moving. That takes a lot of stress off my back. I am surprised that even though I am so far away, I still get stressed over you LOL. That is a good thing though, and I love that things are going well for you. I am so happy for the weather to start warming up. I think that with all the snow I have seen this winter I can now say that I hate snow. (At least for now. I am sure I will love it by next winter. Oh that will be a good one!) Thing are going great. I have really loved this transfer here. I recently got to help brand some cows it was so much fun I will be working on getting you some pics of it. it was nice to be able to get some sun on my arms. I got a nice tan. It was a blast helping to brand cows. While we were helping one of the missionaries with us got chased by a baby calf. I thought it was funny but apparently he didn't.  Aside from that we are starting to get more work. I think it is because it is getting nicer and people are starting to come back. I want you to know that I love you so much. I will be writing a letter here soon so I hope to be able to send it before Friday.
I love you and pray for you.
Love your boy,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Being a District Leader

Wow... That is big news. What brought this on? That will be cool to come home to a new place. Hey make sure the missionaries help and the members help with the move. We helped someone move yesterday and it was fun. It reminded me when Shaun Findlay would drag me into things like that. I am so happy that you guys are doing what you guys feel is right. Always listen to the spirit it will guide us in every thing we do. Not much is going on for us. Elder Tovar is great. Being a district leader has gotten a lot easier for me. It helps when you have a great district. The members of my district are great. I love them so much. I have been  having a good time even if it is going slow at the moment. The snow is slowing down and the grass is starting to turn green so that is helping. I love you so much. Thank you for the birthday package it was great and made me smile so much. You are the best mom ever. Thank you again.
Love Elder Felton

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday and Transfers

In case you didn't get the first one yes I got my social security number. It was so that I could go to a chiropractor for my back. It seems that it is helping less and less, but I might be trying something different soon. Thank you for your love and smiles. You have helped me so much I don't ever think I'll be able to thank you enough. Things have been going great! We found some people in a small  town and we are hoping to start teaching them soon. I am excited to get your package soon. So news about exchanges, I am staying here and getting a new companion. His name is Elder Tovar. I am super excited for this transfer and I cant wait to see what blessing are to come.Love,Jonathon

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soda Springs, Idaho!

Elder Felton gets to drive the ONLY truck in his mission!

Elder Felton and Companion                         Elder Felton and Companion

Mailbox in Soda Springs, Idaho!                         Napeolean Dynamite's house


Get together for missionaries in the area.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Snow... Really?!?!

Wow you seemed to have had a good weekend. I am so happy for conference. It was my favorite one so far. Things are kinda getting warmer but alas it seemed to have snowed last night. Oh well, I am starting to just not care about the snow. Its just another day in the mission. Things are a little slower here but we should start to pick up a few more people to teach. I am warming up more and more to the area. And it is slowly become apart of me. Not much is new for me. I am just taking it one day at a time. Today I did get to go fishing and that was a fun 2 hours and we only caught 1 tiny fish lol. It was fun to just kinda chill and relax. The fun thing about the quote you put at the bottom of your email is that Elder Falabella came and spoke to our mission back before Thanksgiving. I love you so much and miss you more then you know. (no worries though not enough to come home yet lol) Oh here is some news, our mission will split again July 1st!
I love you,
Your Elder Son

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back Into the Feeling of Full Service

Don't worry about forgetting the cd. I figured that you had decided to send it separate from the package. I did Get the Easter box and I loved it. I am enjoying the contents very much. Thank you so much for it. It brought a smile to my face.
Things are picking up a bit here. We are finding new people that we are teaching here. We have been doing well. When ever I feel down I look at the letters you have sent me and they cheer me right up. So I want to say thank you! You keep me moving and help push me through. I feel that our Heavenly Father wanted me to remember I'm not out here for fun only, but that I am out here to serve Him. Thank you so much for reminding me of D&C 122. That has helped me the most.
I am really getting back into the feeling of full service. I love that I came on my mission. I love that you always knew I would. And I love that Heavenly Father knew I needed it. As I have gone and changed my thought process, I have come to really love my Savior. I look forward to hearing the counsel of the leaders of the church to help pick me up and move me forward. Thank you for your love and teachings. You are as the mothers of the stripling warriors to me. Those that I teach and help are effected by you because you helped me become the person I am and the one I wish to be.
I love you so much. I am so very grateful God gave you to me. I hope that Emma will get better. I will keep her in my prayers as I always do but will put extra effort in it.
Love Elder Felton
Your baby boy