Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Ogden At Last!

Dear Parents:

President & Sister Olson enjoyed meeting your missionary yesterday, and Sister Olson thought you might enjoy the attached digital photos.  Your missionary gave us your email address so we could email them to you.  I will be mailing you a printed copy of the picture soon.   

The New Arrivals

Friday, February 24, 2012

In Memory of Charles Chapman Rust

A member of the district presidents told me what has happened. I was told to send an email about some of my best memories with him so that it could be read at the funeral. I have to say that my best memory would be the time we went canoeingThe weather had been just perfect and the area was so beautiful. We drove for a while (not sure were we went but I loved it) and when we arrived at the campground. We checked into the cabin we were in. The cabin was really small but we only used it for sleeping which I preferred because it got us to experience the wonderful nature that was all around us. At the campground we walked down to the river that ran by it, and skipped rocks and talked about things that were on our minds, or about what we saw. That evening we went into town to buy snacks and drinks for the river trip and then to get dinner. We just walked for a bit and then went to sleep. The next morning we meet up with the person who would take us to where we would start canoeing that day. The ride up was short but fun, Grandpa told me some stories from his childhood and how he got into trouble. When we got to the location the sun had just started to really come up. We started and the ride was good for a bit. As we came around a bend we hit a tree which flipped our canoe. (This is where he liked to say my  steering was bad) I was able to get the boat flipped and grandpa in easily. The hard part was swimming down stream to get our paddles and then swimming upstream to bring them back. The only thing I couldn't get was our food. At the end of the trip I realize that I forgot sunscreen on my legs. They had turn probably the darkest red I have seen on skin. This was such a great time that I will always hold in my heart and remember.

I truly loved him and if there is anything that I have learned is that the Lord has a great man with him now and I look forward to the day when I can see him again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Learning to Adapt!

OK so this week has gone by so fast but each day feels like a week. Its a little colder here then I thought at first. I leave the MTC on the 28th. I cant believe I'm almost out of here. I have learned so much here but I feel like I need to learn so much more. Me and my companion have made great progress on our investigators and on our inactive couple we have been teaching. They are all wonderful people who I have grown to love. My teachers are great they have helped me grow so much here. The spirit that you feel here is so warm and when it is truly felt in the lessons, it has actually brought our inactive to tears, and to me as well. I am so glad for my companion because he was able to keep the lesson going things here are so wonderful and the friends I have made here are friends that I will remember forever. They continue to inspire me and they give me hope when thing are hard. I love all the letters I have gotten, they help keep me going and it is so cool to see how the Lord is blessing you. While bearing my testimony I have been brought to tears because of the strength of the spirit! What is taught here is so wonderful and true I know that this is Christ's church and this is the Lords work. My new reading assignment is 2 Nephi 31 and the first 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Those first five show how the spirit can guide us and as long as we have faith in God He will protect us and answer our prays. In our district we have a song that has become our theme song and it is "If You Could Hie to Kolob" It is just a wonderful and spiritual song that we sing almost all the time. I love all of you and I know that the Lord is looking out for you and He will continue to bless all of your lives if you listen to His teachings and show faith in Him. Hold on to the testimonies that you have and continue to strengthen them.
Elder Felton

If You Could Hie to Kolob

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to Provo and the MTC!

I'm sorry it has taken a while to write you back. I will have to get one more (shot) while in the field but it will be a while. I have had a great time here and met a lot of good people. My companion is a good guy. The spiritual moments that I have felt here have been a great blessing. I have been teaching investigators they aren't real but the spirit still helps us to teach the truth and it has been amazing to see the progress we have made. I love you so much and I think about you daily. read Moroni 7 it is a wonderful chapter that I have come to know. 
Lots of love,
Elder Felton