Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning Patience

I got the Easter boxes from you and the birthday ones. I got the shoes and they are great. They fit fine. I have talked to the bishop here about my patriarchal blessing this last Sunday and he said he would work on it. He might need my membership info for it. I got the pics and I love them. I think some of my favorite parts is where you can kind of see out the window of the the house and see Evansville, lol. I love those DQ people they are great. I am so thankful for all you have done I am so sorry I haven't sent a letter in a while and I will make sure to have one written for you and one for Emma. Your love, support and prayers help me so much even when I feel frustrated with one of our recent converts. I step back and remember that even Christ had to deal with people who were challenging and He always showed love to them. That has been my biggest focus right now. Letting my self go and giving my entire self to the Lord and His work. I know that through Him I can overcome any challenges no matter how hard it might be. Our investigator is a good kid for the most part but is still a little rough around the edges. That will change over time. As for the other questions they will be in the letters. That will help me to think of what to wright. But to answer one right now, I print some (emails) off when I need a reminder to write. So this one has been printed off. Not much going on now but with this warmer weather more people are outside and in the parks and a lot happier so this all is a blessing to missionary work. Thank you for all you do and the love you give. I am so proud of "my" baby girl (puppy) being so brave I cant believe you have 2 bows in her hair, poor thing. lol! I am so proud of Emma. I am glad she didn't follow my example in school. And has decided to out do me. Maybe she will be able to help ME out in school lol. I love you and I want you to know that you are always in my prayers,
Love Elder Felton

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Message from Tasha and Maddie

Time for Reflection

Thanks for calling me old lol. Thanks for sending me shoes. The ones I'm still using had a seam on the outside rip, lol. But I guess they did good for being 4 years old lol. Oh. and things are great! I have enjoy seeing people accept the gospel and then make changes in their lives. The people are so great. I am truly grateful to have been raised in the church because I think it would be really had for me to join. But seeing the joy it brings to a family and to themselves is one of the best parts about a mission. It makes everything worth it. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to grow in my faith. I have come the truly rely on the Spirit and have come to know of Its power. I know that the Spirit is truly like having our best friend with us at all time so long as we do things that are inviting to the Spirit. The Lord talks and teaches us, through the Spirit and can always gulde us if we allow It to be with us. Jesus Christ loves all of us He wants us to follow Him and He wants to help us. I know that through Him we can overcome anything in our life. He is one person who I can count on. He is the one I love and I am so grateful for an opportunity to serve Him and love every minute of it. Thank you for your love. I know that the Lord loves you and that he is so happy for you faith. I know He will bless you for your love and He knows what it is you go through. As you turn towards Him and allow His Spirit to guide you He will take away your burdens. I know this all to be true and I truly love our Lord. I know that no matter where a person is in their relationship with Christ, I know that He loves them and will help them if they ask, and turn to  Him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Transfer

OK, sorry I sent a page for shoes but if your sending some that's fine I wear a size 12 but sometimes I wear a size 13 so I don't know what to tell you. This first transfer was great. This new transfer starts tomorrow and I'm staying in the same place(apartment) and Elder Lanier is still my companion. We have lost 3 investigators that we just cant find. The others are all making progress toward baptism. One of them is almost ready for it and we are working hard that she feels ready for it. The lady with a kid that was baptized just got a new place that is nicer the her old one. She is still doing well. She is out of our area but the missionaries there are taking over well. We had a baptism this last Saturday and that was about the best of our week. LOL! Once spring break is over we will be able to get into a better routine again.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shoes With Cracks

Tell Emma she isn't allowed to date till I get back! lol! Anyway, things are fun here. We didn't play any pranks on April Fools Day mostly because we didn't see the other missionaries and we were busy. I found out that my church shoes that I have had for 3 years have some cracks in them. So as far as my shoes being OK, they are a little under the weather. I will probably need a bike soon so I will talk to grandma Christy about that. I was unable to see her over conference weekend she was gone so that was a bummer.I still had a lot of fun during General Conference. I loved that the main point of one of the talks was about families. It would be cool if I could get my blue slip on shoes or the black ones that say macbeth on them. I don't need them but its just a thought. Oh ya! We have another baptism this weekend. His name is Timmy and he is learning.