Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In The Begining

Waiting on a letter for your missionary can be trying. Especially when there were so many hangups, misfiled information, and incomplete forms pushing back the intended submission date somewhere between 6 months, to almost a year. After all the i's were dotted and T's were crossed we waited. And waited. This is not something I (the mom) have ever been very good at. So, I decided to send a little email to our Stake President. Just to make sure everything went according to plan. Here is what I wrote:

Subject line: Jonathon Felton (Will he ever be a Missionary?) 
 Well I know asking won't really help or do anything because I am almost sure you don't have any idea either but, how much longer before Jon gets his letter? I know every parent goes through this but I have truly teared up every day this week from being so completely disappointed that it hasn't come. I am beyond devastated. We have waited so long and pushed through so much I just thought maybe I ought to ask you. (hoping nothing is "lost in the mail") My mom wondered if maybe they don't send out calls this time of year. Well, thank you for your time. Have a Merry Christmas! (did I say devastated? Why yes I did.)
Sister Felton

His reply was as follows:
Sister Felton:
I went into the Church missionary website and it indicates that Jonathan has been assigned as of December 9th.  Call letters are usually sent the next business day, which would have been Monday. I would be surprised if it doesn't arrive today or tomorrow. If the call has still not arrived bey the first of next week, I will call the missionary department personally and see what has happened.  He has been assigned, so that is good news.
Please let me know by email (I am presently out of town) either way if you would. Jon will know by Christmas where he has been called to serve.
Thanks for letting me know. 

This was just what I needed to hear and just about two days later there was a LARGE WHITE ENVELOPE in our mailbox!
~The Mom