Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Knocking on Doors

Things here have been good. I got to got knocking doors the other day with one of the guys I met at the MTC. He is a good guy. The members have been so nice to feed us almost every day. Not much is happening. This last Sunday though I did confirm someone a member of the church. I love the people here. I think we might have lost an investigator. We can never find her and we cant get a hold of her. Elder Lanier has been a great companion and has taught me a lot. He is the District Leader for my area and its cool to see how he works and how a DL works.

I will be writing a few letters today so I will send more details in those for you. Its just been real slow to write much but I will put more info in the letter.


(Yes, Elder Felton typed Kerbys into his email!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Things are super here. I cover 1 stake and that means we cover 7 wards. They have all been super to  me and I have met a couple of people who lived in Indiana or have been through there. I forgot to tell you while I was at the MTC my companion there had to go to physical therapy and his doctor was Sister Stanfield's brother so, that was cool. We picked up a new investigator a few days ago and she has a baptism date in 3 weeks so 'm super excited about that. Thursday I went on splits with my zone leaders and I got to see how they teach and I got to see their area. Some people we teach can be a challenge because they don't want to make a change or want to wait and see. But the work goes on. I am still reading about the Jaredites. I am enjoying my companion and roommates so it is all well. I have met a person here who treats me like Sister Findlay did. So she is like a mission mom. I miss you and Emma each. You guys help get me through the days that stink. I just want you to know I love you and Emma so much. Tell that little furry monster that poops in my room that in 2 years I'm going to get her for that, lol! I love when we get to go to a persons house that has a dog because then I get to play with them lol. I'm super excited because in a few weeks we will be having a few baptisms. Tell those DQ people that they better not slack off and that I miss them all. Tell Mikey Findlay I say hi.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet and Greet on the Street!

We have about 12 investigators right now and 3 of them have a baptism date. 2 people we are teaching have been talking about when they might get baptised and that they have thought about me doing the baptism. It has been cool here. Things have warmed up a bit but they are supposed to cool off again. One time while my companion and I were at 7 eleven a person came up to me and asked how he could get involved in the the church and so I gave him our number and told him to give us a call so we could set a date to meet with him. All is good here. It has been a little slow but we are keeping busy.
I hope thing are going well tell Gypsy (the puppy) I love her and I miss that fluff butt. I love the people here and each day I learn more. I am reading Ether right now. I love you and miss you. Thanks for all your love and support. Thanks for all you do.
I love you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Week in Ogden

I got the sweater and the psych goodies and I love them. I gave grandma Christy's address to the missionaries in her area and told them that if they said they know Elder Felton she should let them in. They went and saw her and told me they loved visiting with her. The area were I am now serving is the Weiber heights stake. Use the mission office address and they want family to use regular mail so no fedex or ups. This way they can forward it to us if we get transferred. My companion is Elder Lanier. He is a great guy and has been a real help in the field. I have enjoyed my first week and I love the people here. Things are a little more relaxed than the MTC but its still good work, and its still hard work. What I took from the MTC is time planning, and studying which is the most difficult thing for me but it has been helpful. 

I'm in an apartment with my companion and 2 Spanish speaking missionaries so its a lot of fun. I just remembered I am missing my driving record if you call the office they should be able to tell you what I need to be able to drive. My  purple jacket shrank and it dosnt fit right. Its not because I got fat. I have actualy lost almost 10 lbs which is good, so at some point I will need to get a new jacket.

Thanks for all you do to help a fool like me. If you could find some Pirates of the Caribbean music for me that would just rock. Or Lord of the Rings music or Harry Potter music any of those would be awesome.