Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elder Felton, Pleasant View's Newest District Leader!

Ok time for the big news!.......... and ........... no I'm not on crutches any more all is well. Haha so on to the real news. I am getting move to Pleasant View. I am also now a District Leader. This means all new kinds of responsibility. I am excited because I have already been to Pleasant View to go on exchanges a couple of times. So some of the people I will already know. I am excited for this and can't wait. My Zone Leader is some one I was companions with for my first day in the MTC so it's going to be a blast. Today I will be packing and saying bye to a couple of people I have met since I have been here. Transfers are tomorrow and I will be getting trained on some of the things that I will be doing as a DL (that what a District Leader is but shorter) My New companion is Elder Heap. I have already served around him and so I know this is a cool guy. We are going to have a blast. This transfer is going to be short instead of 6 weeks its going to be 5 weeks. I am SUPER excited!
Elder Felton

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Can Breathe Again

OK I'm glad nothing crazy is actually happening.
SO no, I still don't like fish but I do enjoy fishing. It was fun but next time it will just have to be off a  shore or when I get home on a boat. In the summer time. No winter fishing for me. I find out where I'm going a week from today. Part of me wants to go back to Ogden part of me wants to go to Logan so who know. No WY till summer for me. Its so freakin cold here. It was amazing when it was 30 degrees out. Things are going great. we are picking up a lot of new people to teach just as I'm leaving. Its just like last time when I left an area.
I am happy to say I have finally got over the 3 week cold I had. It is so nice to be able to breath while sleeping again. I woke up so many time before just because I couldn't breath. smith seems like he might be getting the clod i had so who know i might get it again. so The chiropractor that I have been seeing told me today that my back is getting better. He was surprised to see how fast it is getting better for how bad it was. He said my back shouldn't be the way it is for at least 20-30 years when I first saw him. He says its a lot better but I will still need to work on it on my own since I am leaving.
I love you so much and I miss you guys.
Elder Felton

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ice Fishing

So here is something fun. Today we went ice fishing on a lake and it was -3. COLD! But we had fun other then almost getting frostbite LOL. But I kid. It was fun though. A less active guy took us. It was cool (ha, ha) We caught 6 rainbow trout. We plan on cooking them up. Now don't think I like fish but I lost feeling in my fingers and toes for those fish, so you bet I'm going to eat them. LOL. Things are going great. We have picked up some new people to teach and now have already picked a date they want to get baptized  I am sad that this is all coming up right as O am going to leave. But it means to me, that someone else gets to have a part to play with them. I love you so much. Its funny you mention a scripture challenge. I was going to ask you to read 3 Nephi chapter 17. This is my favorite chapter in all the Book of Mormon. Have Emma read it as well. And tell her about the fishing thing I did. I even gutted all my fish on my own.
I love you,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Violent Motivation!

Things are going great. Elder Smith and I have a couple new people to teach. One of the people who was playing a waiting game on baptism got baptized on Friday. Then Saturday our zone leaders asked Elder Smith to play piano for the baptism they were having. So this weekend was busy. One of the people we teach just got back from a back surgery. He asked if we could stop by every now and then as he recovers. That will help keep us really busy. This last Thursday we had interviews with our mission president and he told me that the next transfer I was getting moved. He said I have been here longer then he thought and said that I would be moving. I guess I can start packing now, lol. Most of the people that we are teaching are at the point that its just going to be a waiting game for them to be baptized. There are a few thing that some have to do before they can be baptized  Other than that things are great. I am sending the card tonight. Smith said if I don't he will punch me in the morning, so I've got some good motivation.
I love you,
Elder Felton

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It was soooo cool to be able to catch up (on Christmas) as well. I'm glad you got your gifts. Things have calmed down a bit here. But that's good. I am hoping that we will be able to have more lessons. I am happy that all of you were able to have a fun holiday.  We have been teaching a couple of people that I hope are going to be able to get baptized soon. They have had to work on a few things first and I think we should know soon. Since we last talked there isn't much news here. all is going well. I love you and hope all is well.
Your boy