Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heart Attack = Walmart

I am glad you had a good holiday. So some funny stuff that's happened. OK so me and my companion Elder Smith were walking into a store and we were about to head out when this lady ran us down shouting "MISSIONARIES". We looked back and she said "I need your help this lady is having a heart attack". We then asked if anyone had called 911 they said no that all she needed was a blessing. (now note this was not the funny part)  So they brought us to an isle and we gave her one in front of a few people.(that was the weird part) The thing that made it even weirder was the husband said she wasn't having one and his wife said very calmly that she had been talking to the hospital when she was on her way to the store and they told her she was having a heart attack and her husband then said "Why the heck did you then have me drive you to the store women". She told him they needed some stuff for Thanksgiving and she needed to pick up meds. I am glad her husband then took her to the hospital. The funny part was when we got back to our car Elder Smith said, "I don't see how a heart attack equals walmart". I was glad to be there when it was needed, but I hope I wont have to do that every time I go to a store or I might have to swear off of them. Aside from that big confusing mess I am doing well. For the most part. The day before I got your package with the cold meds, I conveniently got the cold. You must have like ESPN or something (quote from Mean Girls) lol. No but really, thanks so much it has been a blessing. I love you so much. I loved the poem but it was hard for me to read because it made me start to tear up. I was like great here I go turning into a mess! lol But really it meant a lot and I am so glad you sent it!Love you and miss you.

Elder Felton

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey and Friends

I got the pics and I loved them. The box I haven't gotten. They have kinda stopped sending mail so they can give it all out at the party so I'm sure its in the office. I am so happy that you were there to help that lady. You were late because the Lord needed you to be. you were in the right place at the right time. I am so happy that she has found joy in the gospel and that you can help her to find friends in the ward because the Evansville ward is the best in the whole world lol.
So what will Emma be doing at this job of hers? I'm having a hard time remembering what that place did. Was it even open when I was there? I am happy you got plans this Thanksgiving  We have had several invites for Thanksgiving. So we will be taken care of.
My sweater is good. Large is the size I would need if someone were to send one. So one of my suits is getting a little small and so I know this place were I can get one for a good price. I am thinking I might do that soon. My clothes are good but I might need some new socks. I saw this place that has some cool socks I could wear. 

I love you so much for all that you do. We have a baptism coming up soon so after that is when I will be sending pics. I know I put it off but I want to send these with the rest of them. I love you always.
Elder Felton

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas, Baptisms, and Weddings

OK I Swear on the River Styx I wont open the presents lol. (Percy Jackson reference) As for the mission its going great! We had a baptism this last weekend. It was so much fun. The lady who got baptized she gave me a hard time because she got to the chapel before me and said "Why are you late? You probably were fixing your hair." I laughed and told her of course I got to look good all the time and she laughed. Her and her daughter got baptized and they cried almost the whole time. I love being able to feel the strong spirit that is at events like this.
So all my companions go as follow: (in order) Elder Lanier, Elder Hall, Elder Mitchell and now Elder Smith.
OH! A cool thing I figured. At the end of this transfer I will have spent 6 months in Brigham. A quarter of my mission here! That was just a cool little note I had. Being a senior missionary is weird. I have now had to take on more responsibilities and you know how much I "love" that. But I am looking at the positive. I can now start to teach other missionaries some of the things I have learned over the course of my mission.
Go Emma gettin that money girl! I hope it went well for her. I know She will do great. She is really magnifying her calling that's great! She will do amazing as she serves the Lord in all she does.
OH NO you were sick! Did you ask for a blessing?  You should have little missy! If you are still not feeling well GET one. I got one for my back after dealing with pain for months and the next day most of it was gone. It still hurts a little but it is so much better. The Lord wants to help us but we first have to humble our selves and ask. This is hard for me sometimes because I am so stubborn but He does help.
RYAN AND GABBY ARE MARRIED!? I got no invite and no letter! Oh man is he in trouble. What the heck? OK, I'm not really mad. I am actually happy for them and if you ask me, I say its about time. They had been talking about it forever. This is good news and I am really happy for them. I love them so much they really were some of the my best friends. I loved the time when we got to go to Bdubs.
Well I am glad to know all is well and I hope it continues that way.
I love you so much.
love Jonny

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Anticipating a New Companion

I miss my puppy. So transfers are here, but I am staying in Brigham again and I am now a Senior Missionary. Not much is new other than my companion, who I will meet tomorrow. We have a few baptisms coming up and I am super excited. I love you guys so much and miss you so much. Soooo. Here is something that our mission wants to happen. We are having a mission conference party on the December 6th, so they want all Christmas mail to be sent by November 30th if not it might take longer for someone to get their mail. I'm fine with, whenever but they told us to let you know. I really wish I could think of something to tell you that was amazing but to be honest its been pretty chill here... and I don't mean cold! Its been nice weather for now, but its going to get in the high 30's to 40's range here soon, so that will be "cool"  HAHA see what I did??? I made a funny. Well I love you so much I hope you all can have a great week and I hope some super fun stuff happens soon that I can write to you about.