Monday, August 26, 2013

This Time and This Mission

We have been having a great week. Mostly because we found out that me and my companion Elder Chernan are staying together for another transfer. I am excited to be able to be here in the Paris stake. I have really come to have a love for the people. (even if I think living in a tiny town is crazy lol) So last Monday (not today) we went mini golfing. We found out that one of the resorts here lets us come and play for free so we went to do that on p-day. Ya we stink at mini golfing but we still had fun.On Tuesday we had our district meeting. That day we talked about some of the people we were working with and talked together about how we could help the come closer to Christ. It was great. We got some good advise on how to help one of the families we are working with. On Friday we had a ward party. It was great to be able to get to know the members more. We even got to meet some people who were not active. As I have been here I have felt a change in the members. They are becoming excited to do missionary work and help us as best they can. This Sunday was great. We had gotten to go to a couple of ward councils and were able to teach a lesson with one of our investigators who is really excited to learn more. He has great questions and is really excited to be baptized. We are hoping that everything will work out for him. He has truly been touch by the spirit.  I am so glad to be able to be here at this time. I know that had I gone earlier or later, I would not have met the people I have and I wouldn't ever trade the time I have been here, for a chance to have gone earlier. I love every person I have ever met. Even the people who don't like missionaries. I know that God still loves them and He wants everything for them and I am willing to go and bring that love to them.

I hope that this week will be filled with excitement (the good kind) and love and joy. You are the best mother I could ever ask for and wish nothing but the best for you.
Love always,
Elder Jonathon David Felton

Monday, August 19, 2013

So this has been a great week. We have been blessed to find 2 new people to teach. I am starting to think I might have to learn Spanish... just kidding. I say that because most of the people we are teaching speak Spanish and their English needs work. We have also been able to help this family with a summer home they are building. It was fun this is the second time that we have been able to help them with this project. We have been enjoying serving in Paris. The people are great. We also were able to speak in sacrament on following the spirit. it was great. The work is truly moving forward here in the stake. I am so proud to be apart of it. I know that this work is inspired of God. I am so grateful for the choice I made to be here now.
I hope all your dreams come true I know that all of us can be successful in all we do as long as we try our very hardest.
I love you so much
Jonathon Felton

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

So this week has been so amazing. We have found a couple of people to start teaching and they all seem super ready for the gospel.  We Have been super blessed. This week we have done service and we have knocked doors in the heat. We have been teaching and giving guild of the tabernacle in Paris. Needless to say I have been super tired but I have reflected on the scripture in Alma 26:12 "... for in His strength I can do all things..." He has kept me moving and and given me strength.  I am so happy for Him.

I want you to know yes I got your package. I love the water flavors you put in there. Some places were I fill a water bottle around here has some funny tasting water lol. It was been a good week. Mom, you are a white person. The sun burns people like us silly goose. You should have put sun block on. I'm just teasing you. I don't wear sun block here. I'm surprised I haven't gotten burnt on my mission.

I know that He lives. That Christ lives. That They have a plan for us. I know that it is by Revelation that we learn this through a living prophet today. I wish that all people would let missionaries into there homes because they will feel God's love in there life. I love you so much and hope your week is filled with love and joy.
I love you momma you are the best!
love Jonathon Felton

You are the most awesomely coolest missionary on the planet! SERCH PONDER AND PRAY ELDER!!
Love you to the moon and back!

I love you too mommy you are the coolest of cool (that's where I get my coolness)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday Wishes to Momma

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am such a bad son. I forgot your birthday was this last weekend! I am on my way to get you a card a soon as this email sends! Other than that I am so happy that you had a good birthday. I hope yall are enjoying that pool for me because seeing this lake and getting invites from people to take us out on the lake is killing me. I wish I could but sadly its a no no. ah well maybe one day. So things here got a little slow with the Raspberry Days celebration. It was nice we got to get a funnel cake but a bummer because all our lessons canceled on us because of the celebration. This week is looking really promising because nothing special is going on in the area. Yay for nothing lol. We are loving going out and walking and knocking doors. We have met so many amazing people. Well I am having a hard time thinking of stuff to write about this week as it was slow but I do know one thing I want to tell you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!!!!!

How great you are, for all you have done for me!