Monday, January 6, 2014

Holy Poop!

Holy poop! I cant believe that its actually colder there than here. That stinks big time. Things have been going well. We have a person that has a baptism date right now for February the 1st. We are hoping that we might be able to move her baptism up if she stops smoking. She is making great steps too and we believe she will be able to do it. We are also planning on setting up 2 baptism dates this week as well. Work is a little slow in this area but it is starting to pick up. Being in Idaho Falls is awesome. I am happy I get to serve here and with a great companion. His name is Elder Kaye. He has been out for 6 month and is a great missionary. He has been great to help me getting to know the area. Even though he know I'm leaving soon he isn't getting down on that and neither am I. We are super excited to blow this area up! We are working hard and not letting the cold get us down. Oh YEAH! I have a car in this area. NO MORE WALKING lol. We still walk some but our area is very spread out. 

I love you so much!
Jonathon Felton