Monday, January 20, 2014

Baptisim's and Boxes

Things this week have been going well. We have been working with our investigators that have a baptism date and been helping to set up everything for that day. It has been great seeing them accept the gospel more and more. I have a feeling that this transfer just might be my best yet. In our zone we have over 40 people who have accepted to be baptized. I have never been in such a great area in all my mission. It is great seeing how everyone is working so hard. 

Yesterday, on Sunday I ate with a family that has a missionary in our ward back home. The Chambers family. They told me that he has been in Evansville For a while now. It was so cool to find out that he will still be there or should still be there when I get home. 

I will look into finding out what I need to do in order to send stuff home. I am fairly sure that I wont have to send to much home, but I will probably still need to send something home.

I love you so much Love,Jonathon Felton